Our goal as a church is to introduce people to Jesus Christ. Sometimes such an introduction is for the first time, often it is a reintroduction, but always we seek to share the message of freedom and wholeness that comes in and through our Lord Jesus Christ. Through this web site we provide extensive information on almost all our ministries and small groups. We hope to provide you a place to feel connected, cared for and valued. You are important to us at Emmanuel Presbyterian Reformed Church because you are important to God, and you are welcome to visit us in person or here on the web.


Groups & Ministries

  • The Singing Band

    The Singing Band

  • The Young Adults' Fellowship

    The Young Adults' Fellowship

  • The Men's Fellowship

    The Men's Fellowship

  • The Youth Ministry

    The Youth Ministry

  • The Women's Fellowship

    The Women's Fellowship

  • The Church Choir

    The Church Choir

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