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Ministries & Committees

The EPRC is a signatory to the various generational and inter-generational/service ministries of the Presbyterian and Reformed traditions. The ministries and committees that are operational in the church include:

  1. Children’s Ministry
  2. Youth Ministry
  3. Women’s Ministry
  4. Men’s Ministry
  5. Young Adults' Fellowship (YAF)

The inter-generational/service groups are:

  1. Church Choir
  2. Singing Band
  3. The Telephone Evangelistic Ministry (Prayer Line)

The Committees are:

  1. Finance and Administration
  2. Church Life and Nurture
  3. Evangelism and Mission
  4. Properties and Logistics & Estate Management
  5. Worship and Education
  6. Welfare
  7. Harvest Committee
  8. Vetting Committee

We also have the Deacons Board, and all these committees report to the session.