5 Blogging Tips For Successful Blogging for Newbies


5 Blogging Tips For Successful Blogging for Newbies

Recently I’ve had several people ask me questions about blogging for money. A few of them are, “Can I make money with a blog?” Others are, “What is a blog and how do you make money with a blog?” Other folks want to know, “Do I need to have my own website to make money blogging?” In this article, I’m going to answer all of those questions.

*CAMPAIGONE COPYCLIP – This is a new feature of Blogger. Blogger now has an instant social media interface where bloggers can upload their blogs to their Google+ account, along with providing a link out to their blogs on their Google+ page. Once any new posts on a blogger’s blog are published, they will appear on the social media pages of all their followers, as well as Google.

*SAN FOROBA COPYCLIP – If you already have a Google+ account but are still unfamiliar with it, San Francisco readers can take advantage of a “lisha” or “lisha’ to Google Reader. Basically, this new feature will allow readers to directly read your Google+ posts from their own inbox instead of going through Google’s web feed. When a new post on a blogger’s page is published, it will be shown directly from their Google+ account, without having to go through Google’s feeds. Because Google Reader is a social media platform, this feature provides a way for readers to find fresh content by following what’s important to them.

*BLOGGLEBOUND – While Blogger isn’t going away, it does have a new Browse & Learn section which include SEO-optimized websites. If you’re an SEO-friendly blogger who already has an established online reputation, this is a great place to start. The website shows visitors what sites you’ve previously linked to and whether those sites are ranked highly for the topics you’re covering. If you aren’t currently a member of Google’s social network, it’s a great way to build your presence. Google’s Explore button makes it easy to discover and explore other sites on your topic, making it easy for you to connect with your target audience.

*ENABLE DEVELOPERS – Google’s new Blogger application allows bloggers to enable one-click access for their audiences. This will allow readers to easily find and read their blogs from a single location. This makes it simple to introduce readers to your writing on a new topic while keeping them engaged in your content at the same time. With the click of a button, readers can follow your link, become a fan, or simply learn more about your brand.

*BRAND YOURSELF – In addition to blogging at your own website, it’s smart to brand yourself through your blogs. People will be drawn to your unique voice if they recognize you as an authority on a specific topic. This is especially true with niche blogs, where it’s crucial to keep things unique and new. You can build a strong following by becoming a consistent voice on your topic through your blogging efforts.

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