How Can Art Help Us To Understand Our Human Experience?

Art is the creative, visual, kinetic, human activity between human beings involving physical creativity, beauty, emotion, technical skill, or creative thinking. In its broadest sense art can be considered to be any form of visual communication that calls for the expression of some sort of creative human idea. It does not necessarily have to be artistic in nature but can include architecture, painting, pottery, photographic art, literature, music, dance, films, and sculpture. Art has been and continues to be a very important part of all our lives. It is used in education, business, sports, politics, and society in general.


The importance of art is constantly growing as people from different cultures and backgrounds come together in a spirit of cooperation and creativeness. Art transcends all national and ethnic barriers and can be found anywhere in the world. Because art is such a broad and dynamic field, it is very important that we understand and appreciate the differences among different forms of art. Some forms of art have been created specifically to reflect aspects of a culture while other forms of art are created to convey aesthetic, creative, and religious messages.

Art can be categorized into three conditions: fine art, decorative art, and technical art. In order to properly classify an artwork into one of these three categories, it is important to look at the type of medium that was used to create the work of art. In order to properly determine which of the three conditions the work falls under it is necessary to look at the paintings, sculptures, photographic images, printmaking, and other types of works that are based on the three conditions mentioned above. When you examine different pieces of art, you will notice that all of them share certain characteristics in common.

All art can be classified according to their subject matter. Within each of the three conditions there are four main categories of art. These are naturalism, impressionism, surrealism, and modern art. Each of these subcategories of art can be further divided into smaller ones such as impressionism, contemporary, and cubism. No matter which of the three conditions a piece falls under the most important thing to keep in mind is that the piece should evoke strong feelings in the viewer.

Art is very important to people because it allows them to express themselves and gives them a chance to let their thoughts and emotions come out. It is in the interpretation of art that people can learn about different cultures and understand the meaning of human experience. For example, the works of artists like Rembrandt, Manet, Chardin, Monet, and Cezanne have helped to shape the way we view art throughout the ages.

The ability to interpret art gives humans the ability to create lasting impressions in their environments. People can purchase works of art from a wide range of artistic sources and it is up to them to decide what message a piece of art is trying to convey. Art can be considered to be a form of communication especially with the creation of works of art, but it should never be taken too seriously as a form of art because it should not replace other forms of communication. We should all leave the power of art to those who can truly interpret its essence in our lives. Only those who really understand art can tell what it means to a person.

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