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The Session is the highest decision making body in the Church. To serve on the Session, therefore, is a unique opportunity to offer servant leadership to the congregation, and an experience of spiritual growth. The Presbyterian Church Book of Order defines the role of a ruling elder and the qualifications of those called to serve in this capacity.

Among the duties of the Session include:

  • Evangelism: The members of session are charged with inviting people who attend the church into the new life in Christ and with receiving them into membership when they are ready to join. This first responsibility reflects the promise all elders make in their ordination vows when they agree to seek to follow the Lord Jesus Christ in their own lives, love their neighbors, and work for the reconciliation of the world (G-14.0207 f - Book of Order)
  • Mission and Justice: The session also has the responsibility to lead the congregation in participation in the mission of the whole Church in the world. Session is reminded to lead the congregation in the ministries of personal and social healing and reconciliation in the communities in which the church lives and bears its witness.
  • Worship: One of the primary duties of the session is to lead the members of the church in worship to God. The session exercises overall control of the time and order of worship, the scheduling of the Sacraments, and the nature of the music program.The Session's approval is required before any major changes to the worship experience for members. This includes assisting with the preparation and serving of communion on a regular basis.
  • Education: The session bears ultimate accountability to provide an educational program that is consistent with Reformed teaching about the Scriptures and presents the good news of Christ in the most innovative and engaging ways possible.
  • Finance: According to G-10.0102 i., the session has the exclusive power to establish the annual budget of the congregation, determine how mission money will be allocated, and decide how and when offerings will be taken. (Book of Order)

For additional information about the Session, it's duties and general information, kindly refer to the Book of Order at General Assembly's website at this link.


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