Quarantine Periods and USA-based International Travel


Quarantine Periods and USA-based International Travel

Travel is the conveyance of people from one distant geographic locations to another. Travel can be either one way, as in a car, plane, train, bus, boat or other mode, or two way, as in bicycle, foot, car, bike or other ways. There are many types of travel. Boat travel is perhaps the most famous form of travel, followed by air travel, land travel on the ground, then on wheels (carriage) and then by other mode. The oldest form of travel was by horseback, while wheeled vehicles took up last place. Today, all types of travel have become easy, convenient and comfortable with air travel and transportations through various means of transportations such as trains, buses, cars and motor-homes.

Interstate travel is very common. In fact, it is the easiest form of travel, with few regulations to follow. However, some states, especially those bordering another country, do not allow intercontinental travel. The laws in this case vary from state to state, and travelers need to check the laws before setting out.

Quarantine is very common in the United States. A person entering the United States has to stay in the quarantine station for a certain period of time. People entering the country have to complete a quarantining course after entering the country to ensure they are safe. Those who are allowed to travel have to show proof of having received the required courses and show a valid passport when returning to their home country.

Persons undergoing treatment for a specific disease are required to complete a special course where they are examined for possible exposures to that disease. Treatment centers also perform a similar exam on passengers who are taking medications for a specific illness. passengers who fail to meet the requirements for quarantine are subjected to a second test, called a verification test. This second test is conducted weeks after arrival in the country. Those who pass the first two tests may be allowed to leave the airport and enter the country but those who fail must remain within the quarantine station for a further five days.

Passengers who fail the test cannot fly with the airline. Those who are flying with the airline must complete the required courses for a specific number of hours, according to the US. Those who are older than 65 years old must complete the course within one year. If they fail to comply, they can face fines or penalties.

Anyone travelling outside of the United States to one of Canada’s seven International airports must contact customs upon arrival and submit a detailed itinerary to determine if they will be required to undergo a quarantine period. If a positive or negative result is obtained, the traveler will be required to return to the originating airport and obtain a confirmation from the corresponding division of the Department of Health before boarding the plane. Those returning from a international flight that lands at another airport than the one just arrived in the United States will also need to obtain a special certificate from that point in order to travel on to their final destination. These requirements are outlined in the United States Department of Health’s Travel Guidelines for International Travel, published by the USDOT.

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