Reasons Why Some May View People by Their Ethnicity

A person is a majority of inhabitants regarded as a whole, just as is the case in a state, an ethnic community or the governing body of a political society. In politics, the people’s elected representatives to participate in the decisions making process of the society and its institutions as well as in the formulation of policy that will affect the people and society at large. However, unlike the government institutions that are elected and hold the power to rule, the society and the people do not directly elect their representatives nor are they consulted before these representatives make a decision on behalf of the people. The concept of the people’s representative forms an important concept in democracy.


The younger people who are the future of the country, they have lesser trust in established institutions and political parties, they have less faith in experts and a less confident attitude to power. They have to find other means to get what they want. Since the youth are the future of any country, they are also the least trusting people vote. Recent surveys show that the youth have expressed a very low amount of confidence to any institution or political party, including the government, churches and other organizations. And this lack of trust is very much evident in the current political environment, where hooliganism is increasing among the young people.

This decrease in political belief is manifested in the low performance of the government in delivering services and fulfilling duties. Moreover, the recent economic crisis and the global economic meltdown have led to another major challenge for the nation, especially the youth. Most of them may not be able to understand the seriousness of the issues affecting the country, even after the recession has ended. Consequently, their low voter turnout may put a great challenge to the politicians to deliver results according to the will of the people.

As we move into the modern era, this may cause other major challenges in delivering services and fulfilling obligations to the society. Since identity theft is rampant, the rise of crime rates may increase and as the youth grows older, the increasing number of cases against them could become a serious challenge to address. This is why, most of the politicians must pay extra attention to address the problems of the ethnicity and to address the issues that affect the society as whole by naming people by their ethnic groups.

There is a great question of responsibility when naming people by their ethnic groups, especially in the case of minors who cannot be blamed in any way. Many people may not be aware of this problem. They may not see the inherent responsibility of everyone to ensure equal treatment of all citizens regardless of their racial background. It is high time that we take this important step and start taking responsibility of the welfare of all our citizens irrespective of their origins. By naming people by their real names, we are ensuring their full respect and protection irrespective of their background.

However, this does not mean that we should ignore the importance of having fair and balanced elections. We may view people by their caste and creed and by giving them a chance to demonstrate their true colors, but we cannot deny the fact that they have individual personality traits too. And by giving them a name, it would be much easier to recognize their characteristics and their differences which may be more important than their similarities. So, we may state that while dealing with people by their true names, we are sending out a very important message.

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