Monetizing Your Blog – What Bloggers Should Know About Making Money With Blogger

Blogger is an American online Content Management System that allows multi-user blogs to have time-stamped content. The pyramidal-data-feed software creates and manages the blog automatically, based on a specified RSS feed. Pyra Labs built it in 2003 before being purchased by Google. Google owns the blog sites, which are accessible through a separate subdomain of blogspot.

Blogger started life as Frugal Blogger, an online community dedicated to a particular niche. The software was created by Mark Shuttleworth, who also happens to be one of the creators of the world-famous Wikipedia. He then worked on another popular website called Squidoo, and created Blogger in 2004. Although it has taken some time for it to grow to the point where it can be considered a blogging platform, it has already established itself as the favorite tool of many bloggers and webmasters. It is also considered to be the best free blogging platform in the world, according to several bloggers who reviewed it.

Like most free blogging platforms, Blogger has its own free version and a commercial version. The commercial version comes with more features, such as advanced e-mail functionality and advertisement integration. This makes it useful to webmasters who want to maximize the potentials of their blogs. One of the greatest differences between the two is the number of advertisements that can appear on a blog. Blogger’s limits include placement of advertising banners, pop-ups, and software widgets. However, many bloggers who have increased their readership have found that this limit is too restrictive and that they now use the software more effectively to advertise their products and services.

Apart from making the bloggers’ content available for free to other interested users on the Internet, Blogger allows users to earn money by allowing advertisements on their blogs. Since there are a lot of advertising options on blogs, earning money through ads can prove to be profitable for some people. Therefore, even those who may not be particularly fond of blogging can earn money through ads.

Another great way to monetize a blog is to register a blogspot domain name. Once you register your blogspot domain name, you will be able to host it using Blogger or other blogging servers. Although Blogger isn’t as popular as WordPress or Squidoo, it still has a lot of popularity among bloggers. Therefore, if you have a great deal of traffic to your blogger site, you can benefit from registering a blogspot domain name.

The last way to monetize your blog is by accepting payment through paypal. Although you won’t make much from this method, it is still a great way to make money while using your blog. Paypal will charge you $50 to start and it will take several months to pay off. However, if you only post blog posts on your own blog, you won’t need to use paypal.

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